Sándor Juhász

Researcher and data enthusiast from Hungary

I am originally an economist interested in data magic, networks, innovation and (economic) geography.

Currently I am a member of NETI Lab at the Corvinus University of Budapest and ANET Lab at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

In most of my projects I work with spatial and network data to study the dynamics of collaboration networks, geography of innovation and urban mobility.


Oct 21, 2021 New paper published in Scientific Reports
Aug 2, 2021 New preprint on the concentration of individual social capital in space
May 5, 2021 New preprint about commuting and social assortativity in US cities
Apr 15, 2021 New paper published in European Planning Studies
Dec 18, 2020 Conference presentations 2020 autumn

selected publications

  1. SR
    Universal patterns of long‐distance commuting and social assortativity in cities
    Bokányi, E., Juhász, S., Karsai, M., and Lengyel, B.
    Scientific Reports, 2021
  2. SBE
    Spinoffs and tie formation in cluster knowledge networks
    Juhász, S.
    Small Business Economics, 2021
  3. PLOS
    Brokering the core and the periphery: Creative success and collaboration networks in the film industry
    Juhász, S., Tóth, G., and Lengyel, B.
    PLOS One, 2020