Sándor Juhász

Researcher and data enthusiast from Hungary

I am originally an economist interested in data magic, networks, innovation and (economic) geography.

Currently I am a Marie Sklodowoska Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at Complexity Science Hub Vienna and an external member of ANET Lab Budapest.

In most of my projects I work with spatial and network data to study the dynamics of collaboration networks, geography of innovation and urban mobility.


May 14, 2024 New preprint Colocation of skill related suppliers
Apr 18, 2024 New preprint Urban highways are barriers to social ties
Oct 21, 2023 New paper published in Network Science
Sep 7, 2023 New paper on amenity complexity and urban mobility in EPJ Data Science
Jul 3, 2023 Public talk on our amenity complexity and urban mobility project at Smart Budapest Forum

selected publications

  1. EPJ
    Amenity complexity and urban locations of socio-economic mixing
    Juhász, S., Pintér, G., Kovács, Á., Borza, E., Mónus, G., Lőrincz, L., and Lengyel, B.
    EPJ Data Science, 2023
  2. EPB
    Income-related spatial concentration of individual social capital in cities
    Kovács, Á., Juhász, S., Bokányi, E., and Lengyel, B.
    Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, 2022
  3. SR
    Universal patterns of long‐distance commuting and social assortativity in cities
    Bokányi, E., Juhász, S., Karsai, M., and Lengyel, B.
    Scientific Reports, 2021