knowledge networks

connections of firms, technology fields and creative minds

multilayer networks of companies

In collaboration with members of the NETI Lab, we combine data on financial transactions and co-ownership to uncover the co-evolution of multiple interfirm network layers over time. More details coming soon.

Giant component of the time-invariant co-ownership network of Hungarian companies

collaboration and success of movie creators

In cooperation with Gergő Tóth and Balázs Lengyel we questioned how network ties of filmmakers contribute to their creative success. The study is based on a unique dataset of Hungarian feature films for the 1990-2009 period. Datasets and related codes are available here and the final paper published in PLOS One here.

Core, broker and award winner fimmakers in the network of Hungarian movie creators
Nodes are cinematographers, directors, editors, producers and writers and edges represent collaboration on Hungarian movies premiered in 1999-2006

co-inventor networks

As a collaborative project with ANET Lab members Gergő Tóth, Zoltán Elekes and Balázs Lengyel, we search for the driving forces behind persistent inter-regional co-inventor ties across the European Union. Publication in European Planning Studies is available here.

Persistence of inter-regional co-inventor ties in Europe (2006-2010)

knowledge sharing in industry clusters

In multiple projects I search for the drivers of knowledge exchange between companies in local industrial concentrations (clusters). Paper on the role of spinoff companies play in knowledge sharing networks of clusters is available here, related codes and datasets are available here. Paper with Balázs Lengyel on the drivers of tie creation and tie persistence in cluster knowledge networks is available here, related codes and datasets are available here.

Knowledge network of firms in the printing and paper product cluster of Kecskemét, Hungary